What is the National Voices Project?

The National Voices Project is a new effort to bring the perspectives of thousands of people to the national dialogue about children. Children thrive on opportunity. But when opportunities differ because of children’s race or ethnicity, where they live, or because of who they are, children face barriers in their health, education, and economic security and success. Measuring disparities for children is a key step toward addressing disadvantage. Careful measurement of sensitive issues can bring greater understanding. In turn, understanding informs new initiatives that can lead to meaningful changes for children. Read more


Partner With Us

Do you work on behalf of vulnerable children or study how communities affect the circumstances of children and families?

The National Voices Project team wants to partner with you to understand your project goals and measure what is meaningful to your work. We invite you to submit a proposal to partner with us in developing questions for National Voices Project surveys.

Quotes from Communities

Frankfort has become more racially diverse in the last 20 years. More Hispanics are moving in and telling their friends and families. I have noticed a few more Black families in the last three years also. I have been involved in the local literacy program the last 25 years and mostly work with Hispanic women. I really like working with these ladies because they are big on education and encourage their children to graduate from high school and go on to college.

National Voices Project Survey Respondent
Frankfort, KY

America Healing

America Healing is a racial equity initiative of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. America Healing supports programs that promote racial healing and address racial inequity, with the goal to ensure that all children in America have an equitable and promising future.